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Break Through To Victory

About Me

Author, Coach, Speaker 
 My Mission

To see the Kingdom of Heaven put into place here on Earth,  in each person and in Nations!

   What is my Fundament

I Love THE TRUTH - I love Jesus, 
and to worship the Lord in the Spirit,
to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, 
when playing melodies on the piano, or receiving revelation from the the Holy Spirit about the WORD - and to be led by HIM everywhere I go. 

For my ministry I am committed to support Christians and specifically women to their break through to victory: Be it you desire to be closer to the Lord, to find inner and outer peace and healing, to meet financial challenges or to experience the miracle desperately needed. The goal is that you enjoy the victory already won by Jesus, so that you may live your unique and divine pupose and calling.

   My Method   

The fundament is the Scripture, applying seven steps, secrets the Lord revealed to me about breakthough. These seven secrets are based on a real experince - fall and escape out of a crevasse.
This experience became KEY to any kind of breakthrough to celebrate the victory already established by Jesus. With this I help you to break through to your victory.

TESTIMONIAL from Ruth H.    -  What fascinates my about Dorothee:
She has a sharp and cristalclear descernment of spiritual situations. Hidden aspects, reasons are identified and are confrornted with divine truth for the solution. 
I've experinced this several times. With love, Dorothee does not evade, withdraw or even give up, nor compromise truth. She helped me to finally see the reason for my struggle, and to eliminated obstacles, taking the appropriate steps. Dorothee's gifting is extremely helpful to lead others out of prison and have chains fall, and to be set free for life in victory and joy

Dorothee' Background
Dorothee's background is a more than 20 years academic career of Research and Teaching - in Earth and Materials Sciences. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg and a Habilitation from Marburg. After  Post Doctoral Research at Melbourne University, Australia, followed by a Professoship at Utrecht University, The Netherland, Dorothee returned to Germany. Since more than 10 years she lives in the southern part of Germany, close to the Black Forest.


Contact per Email

Dr. Dorothee J.M. Burkhard
Karlsruher Str. 11
D-76337 Waldbronn

+49 (0)7243 5115140


♦ Life Member: Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

♦ Heisenberg Fellow (1995 - 1998)
♦ GRANT Innovative Insulation Materials, Land Baden-Wuerttemberg (2004 - 2007)

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